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Green Oaks Primary Academy

Skills Builder

At Green Oaks, alongside our vision and values, we follow the Skills Builder Skills. Skills Builder Partnership is a global movement of employers, educators, and impact organisations working together to ensure that one day, everyone builds the essential skills to succeed.

The not-for-profit social enterprise began in 2009 with two employers and a single classroom. Today, the Skills Builder Partnership is international in its reach and supported more than 2.3 million individuals to build their essential skills in the last year alone.


In our Academy, we use the skills in a variety of different ways.

  1. Each child has a ‘Skills Builder’ booklet that they carry around with them. If a member of staff witnesses a pupil displaying one of the above skills, they receive a stamp on their chart. Should a child complete a row of stamps (one stamp for each skill), then that child receives ten GOPA (our school currency) to either bank in their bank booklets or spend in the Green Oaks Shop immediately.
  2. The skills are displayed around the school and in the classrooms, ensuring that they are ‘high-profile’ in lessons and that staff and students refer to them consistently.
  3. Teachers’ planning overviews contain logos to specific skills that the teacher wants to focus on in that lesson.

  1. Twice a year we hold ‘Skills Builder Challenge Days’ where teachers plan using materials from the Skills Builder website, which are designed for pupils to display and improve all eight skills over the course of a day or two.
  2. There is a whole-school focus on one or two particular skills over the course of a half term. The skills have been specifically chosen to fit seamlessly with our values, career and employability framework and PSHE curriculum.


To read a glowing case study of our school, which has just been awarded the ‘Gold Certificate’ for contribution towards the Skills Builder Programme, please follow this link: