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Green Oaks Primary Academy


Pupil Voice

Year 6:  "I am excited about learning about time travel"

Year 2:  "I love doing phonics becasue it helps me with my reading and writing"

Year 6:  "I like learning and joining up with the school community"

Year 5:  "Green Oaks has amazing teachers!"

Key stage 2 Parents' evening comments:

"I like doing art because it is fun and I am good at it"

"At school I like doing maths"

"The thing I like about school is when I reach my targets"

"Maths is fun because it is challenging"

"I enjoy using the laptops"

"World War 2 day was fantastic"

"I enjoy going on school trips especially when we went to Sulgrave Manor"

"I enjoy literacy at school"

"The best thing I like about school is when the World War 1 man came in"

"I enjoy art, history, maths and languages but most of all literacy is my favourite"

"I enjoyed learning about rationing"

"I enjoyed learning about Sir Francis Drake because we got to do lots of sketching"

"Everything is good at Green Oaks Primary.  I have no worries what so ever!"

"Being able to go to this school is the best thing!"