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Green Oaks Primary Academy


Computing Lead: Mr D Leakey

What does Computing look like in our ACORN curriculum – INTENT & IMPLEMENTATION 

A: We learn about how computing can help to elevate the cultural-capital of each individual and how computing connects at a local and global  level. Our curriculum develops the confidence of our children and encourages them to be engage in technology and how to use it responsibly within society. 

C: Our teaching helps children understand that through computing, they can be inter-connected through the information highway that creates a digital culture.  

O: Through computing lessons we give opportunities for our children to access a wealth of spoken and written material that empowers them to be digitally literate

R: We recognise that online safety is paramount in our young learner's journey into the digital landscape and these lessons focus on collaboration, kindness and respect: all cornerstones of our schools’ practice. 

N:  We as a school understand the importance of being resilient. Our computing curriculum challenges young minds and promotes their digital ability beyond the realms of their primary education. 



When our pupils leave us, they will be confidently digitally literate.  They will be able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology – at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world.  They will have a good understanding of computing and the ways in which is it used in the modern world.  They will be able to use information technology, appropriately and responsibly and will understand about online safety.  


“Computing is important because it is good to have knowledge about computers because they are a modern-day thing and you must know about them and to stay safe, knowledge keeps us safe.” 

“In Computing we have been learning about input processing output. I know a lot more about how computers work.”