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Green Oaks Primary Academy

COVID-19 Secure




Dear Parents / Carers,

We are following and will continue to follow Government guidance and advice in responding to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. 

We will be putting all of the latest information about the Coronavirus and how this affects our Academy on this page, to give you easy access to the information that you might need.If you have any queries you can email:

Allocated Drop off and Pick up times


Year groups

Morning drop-off

Afternoon pick-up

Year 1 at Zone A

Year 3 at Zone C

8.45 am

2.45 pm

Reception at Zone A

Year 2 at Zone C

9.00 am

3.00 pm

Year 4 at Zone A

Year 5 at Zone B

Year 6 at Zone C

9.15 am

3.15 pm

If you have children that are in different year groups, please ensure you arrive as a family at the earliest stated time for your children. Other children of the same family that are awaiting their drop-off time, will be supervised in the playground by staff. This arrangement ensures that minimum waiting time is needed by parents. For collection, please arrive at the latest stated time for your children. Again, a member of staff will supervise your children whilst waiting for the latter group. Parents will need to leave the school site promptly following the one-way system.

All children will be expected to wear academy uniform (full list of items enclosed with this letter). To minimise risk of cross contamination through clothing and home items, please ensure your child only brings to school the essential items: lunch box, water bottle (bags will not be permitted for any child). It is essential that all children are provided with a water bottle as no water fountains will be in use. We will be providing all the stationery items that your child needs to support their learning in school. Pupils will no longer be able to change into PE kits whilst at school. Please ensure that your child arrives in full academy PE kits, including track suit bottoms and school jumpers for warmth, on the set PE days below.

Day of the week

Year group PE days


Reception. Years 2,  5 and 6


Years 1 and 3


Years 2 and 5


Reception, Years 3 and 4


Years 1, 4 and 


Communication and School Office

Visits to the school office are limited; we ask all parents wherever possible to use email and telephone communication for enquiries. No payments or orders will be taken at the school office. Should you need to visit the school office, an appointment will need to be made by telephoning the main school number, parents will not be permitted to visit the office without an appointment unless it is an emergency. In order to ensure social distancing measures, please communicate any concerns or sharing of information with your class teacher via their school email which can be found on the school website. Meetings with both Mrs Adams and Mrs Shah will be conducted via telephone. Please contact them via the main school number or email enquiries directly to them (both emails are available on the school website).