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Green Oaks Primary Academy


Achievement Assembly

Every Friday, we celebrate our learners in an achievement assembly. Each class teacher selects a ‘Star of the Week’ who has demonstrated atleast one of the school values. Parents of the ‘Star of the Week’ are invited to attend to celebrate in their child’s achievement.

In addition, there is a weekly ‘Maths Master’, ‘Remarkable Reader’ and ‘Super Writer’. Each child is rewarded with GOPA which is our school currency that can be spent in the school shop.

NEW TO 2023 – Mr Campion’s Champion!

Children who demonstrate many of the school values have the chance to be chosen as ‘Mr Campion’s Champion’. Mr Campion is always on the lookout!





This Week's Winners:
  Star of the Week Remarkable Reader Star Writer Maths Master
Year 1 Damir   Ella Azmina
Year 2 Aleksander   Mary Sienna
Year 3 Alex   Eadie Lexi
Year 4 Seb   Qismah Sophia-Rose
Year 5 Jessica   Ayaan Shaun
Year 6 Mirela   Aiden Romina